Has anyone ever noticed that when people are in love or even just in Strong Like they tend to look better?

Anyways for alot of people, this week is back to school week. lucky for me i still have 2 weeks. But anyways, I wonder what the trend is going to be for this year!
My little trend for this year
♥Wearing Multiple belts in multiple colors♥

For some reason i have been into the color yellow lately. I dont knoe why cause usually its a color i would never wear but hey whatev.

So this is my year to get back to losing weight.
My goal is to lose one full dress size before my birthday on feb.25th.
My current love interest is doing really good in that department but for some reason i lost the motivation to do anything pertaining to weight loss and exercise. but i’m gonna push myself for the next month and buckle down. I had lost 30 pounds in like 2 months so i know i can do it
Just to track mu progress today i wear a 13/14 Juniors so in 30 days we’ll see what has happened.

Small tidbit…Mac is having an online sale 25% off everything and it expires thursday….

Why put on makeup and your hair is not done? i really dont understand!!!!!!!!!!!!
So i really had nothing to say today i just wanted to post something!!!!!!!!!!!


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