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Hello beautiful people. It;s me again i havent been in the mood to blog in a few days with work and everything going on even though i told myself i was going to try to blog everyday. for years my mom and people i know have been trying to find an eyeshadow pallett just like mine and have had no luck until i happened to find this website. me being the slow person i am sometimes i didnt realize that both palletts i have were made from the same company. the website profusioncosmetics.com have some really good and inexpensive makeup for those people like myself who dont always have the money to buy makeup.

Now i want to talk about fashion just a little

Right now i am really into organic fabrics and graphic tees. i think that anything that makes a statement is worth buying. i like the tees they sell at walmart especially the organic ones cause of how soft they feel. But anyways, i am really liking alot of the sweaters and sweeater dresses that are out this year. my tip for those who think that sweaters are too big and make them look fat (i ussed to be one of those people), stop worrying about if you look fat, do you look good is the real question. i hate seeing people who are sick because instead of worrying about being warm in the winter they sit there and worry about not looking fat!


I got this lil tip from mary mary back in earily august. before you lleave the house, dance around a little bit. afterword see how your clothes fit. if they are still fine then ok, but if you have a boob out of place or booty clevage, then you need yo go back and try again… lol. silly but true..
goodnight beautiful people……

check out keke dillard and fullfigures.com


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