Quick Haul

Hi everybody its me again, I just wanted to tell everyone about a great deal i got on some makeup palletts(i hope i spelled that right.lol). ok, so i went to family dollar just to see what they have and anybody who knows me knows i love eyeshadow. So im going near the drinks to get some water and i see a 36 shadow eye pallett for 3 dollars and at first im like i already have a 98 shadow pallett so i dont really need another one but i decide to buy it for my mother so she can stop trying to steal mine.lol. anyways, i gave it to her and omg if those dollar store colors dont go on just as good as some of the expensive ones. i had to go back and get me one. no offense to mac or urban decay cause i love yall too, but this just goes to show its not how much you pay for the makeup but if you know how to use it. later on i will post some photos of how the makeup looks on but for now i just have some photos of the palletts themselves.
the 36 shade is from family dollar for 3 dollars…yay

the 98 shade is from cvs for 10 dollays ( its old and i use it alot)

have fun and be blessed

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