Happy holidays

Hi everybody. Comin again to tell you about the deals i find on beauty products.

So i had to work the day after christmas and right by my job is a walgreens. i stopped in and what did i see, all their holiday makeup kits and sets 50 percent off. I had to control myself this time because i have too much eyeshadows and everything else as it is but i just wanted to put that out there.

Ok! so my mom usually just sees what she likes that i have and goes and gets herself one but this time its the other way around. so as you all can see im a darkshinned girl. but what you all cant see is that i have some scars i am in the process of getting rid of. The reason you cant see my scars is because of this concealor i have been using from black opal.
So it cost like 10 dollars but it’s so worth it.

Now lets talk about new years eve attire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every new years eve i go to church, we have the best time but you always see that one person who looks like a big disco ball. so here are a few tips i think should help.

  • Please do not wear anything that is both silver and shiny and has sparkles or beading
  • Dress for your environment

it’s ok to wear short shirts and tube tops to the club but dont do it in church and wonder why everyone notices you!!!!!!!!

  • always carry a small flat pair of shoes

I have seen to many people have either their wig fall off or someone sweated so hard their tracks began to slip out!!!!!

  • Last but not least HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remeber to have a safe and productive new year


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