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Hey everybody and thank you for checking out my blog. I started this blog to give my opinion as well as learn from others in the field of fashion and beauty. So the first thing i want to talk about is skin care. I have eczema and it is hard finding something to help keep my skin clear. i have been prescribed so many different creams and what-not to help control or prevent my breakouts. none of them worked. Then i start washing my face with oil of olay soap and wouldnt you know it my face began to clear up. thats is my short story. i am going to gear this note to all my people with skin disorders or whatever you call them.

here are a few tips i have learned help prevent breakouts

  • Wash your face 2x a day with dove or oil of olay soap
  • do not use the same cloth on your face as you do your body ( i know that seemed obvious but some people just dont know)
  • ALWAYS MOISTURIZE. this is one of the biggest things especially in the winter.
  • STAY AWAY FROM KETCHUP. it is loaded with everything a person with skin problems cant have ( citrus acid, etc…)
  • Drink water everyday. try to drink more water than you do pop or juice each day. believe me it makes a difference
  • Always have a thing of vasoline or carmex on hand. depending on how bad the breakout sometimes carmex can help clear up your skin
  • if you wear makeup always put on a base.
  • Smile. you just look better when you smile

Be Blessed and Remember…..

Love Conquers ALL!!!!!

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