Braids Hurt Sometimes

Hi good people! Just taking a second to share my thoughts about somethings alot of people dont know. the one thing that i am shocked alot of people dont know is that if you are not a perso.n like me who has your hair braided on a regular basis then when you do get them more than likely it will hurt, or atleast be somewhat uncomfortable . i guess its true that it hurts sometimes being beautiful. anyways, So I am that person that goes on youtube almost everyday, so im watching some videos trying to get some ideas about what to do with my hair. I decided to get some kinky straight hair and i really like it but im in the mood to do different things with it like straighten it, curl it, whatever. so im looking for a tutorial on how to straighten this hair just in case you have to do it a certain way and i see alot of videos that talk about how black women need to wear their hair natural and how straigtening your hair is wrong and unhealthy. i personally dont care what people do with their hair and i think that whatever people decide to do is their business. alot of people have taken the hair thing too far. alot of people would like to argue that god made black hair nappy for a reason so why change it. i could easily argue that i have a friend who is african with naturally curly hair and my mother is black with naturally straight hair. so to say a certain race even if it is your own should only wear their hair one way is very ignorant. ther are more important things going on in this world that need to be addressed. on top of that why down women who use hair care products that were invented by a black woman. It doesnt make sence but hey everyone is intitled to their opinion right??????

Another thing i notice is alot of the people who are doing the whole “Go natural movement” have natural looking WEAVE. Now i love weave and i thank god all the time for it but i think it is a big contradiction to the whole term NATURAL. i just had to throw that in… in the end love yourself and do you rather it be natural, treated, straight, or nappy always DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Kinky straight hair

♥♥MUAH ♥♥

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